One magnificent shipwreck in the Rio de la Plata, the Spanish Armed Freighter "Salvador", was listed in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Shipwrecks as "the most significant collection of Napoleonic Era artifacts surviving today".

Shipwrecks have been symbols of both nightmare and adventure since sailing began
Hector Bado holding two brass and ebony sextants from the wreck of the Salvador
The Salvador is presently undergoing salvage operations. Artifacts are being carefully brought to the surface, inventoried and preserved in preparation for auction.
Hector Bado and Crayton Fenn checking archeological drawings of a wreck in the Rio de la Plata
The Salvador lies very near another famous shipwreck, the HMS Agememnon, Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson's favorite ship of the line. Neither of these shipwrecks lies within the English Banks Zone. They are in shallow water sixty miles from the English Banks, near the beautiful and fashionable beaches of Punta del Este. These wrecks are owned by The Maldonado Bay Group. One of the partners in that successful group, Hector Bado, is also our partner in the English Banks Project.