In October, 1997, The English Banks Project commenced surveying in Uruguayan waters. We began with the support of the Navy which provided the vessel ROU 72 and its crew for the first six months of survey work in the English Banks area.

The ROU-72 provided for initial survey work until our own vessel arrived in Uruguay
In August of 1998 the newly christened research vessel, Surveyor, designed and outfitted especially for work on the English Banks, arrived in Montevideo from her shipyard in Seattle. At a cost of $826,000 she is an extremely rugged and reliable work vessel. Her crew of six technicians, divers and seamen commenced the testing and refining of a meticulous and methodical survey of the English Banks Zone under the experienced and able direction of Operations Manager and partner, Crayton Fenn.
When Surveyor arrived, her superior design characteristics and capabilities greatly increased our on-site efficiency
Crayton Fenn working around engine #3 aboard Surveyor
Planning a dive with the crew