The English Banks Project has garnered a great deal of remarkable publicity and good will by being available to help in various outside activities including assisting in the raising of four bronze cannons off the wreck of the Salvador in Maldonado Bay.

Three of the Spanish bronze cannons were each baptized with the name of a saint. Those names are embossed on the bronze and are visible today.
The S.Rafael (Saint Raphael) was the first cannon to see the surface after 187 years on the bottom of Maldonado Bay. It was soon followed by the S.Miguel and, next, the S.Graviel. Each was built in the year 1801. "Domingo Soriano Me Fecit" is written on the bronze. In Latin it means "Domingo Soriano made me". A few hours later, Piedad, which means "mercy" arrived on deck.
Each cannon will be worth about $50,000 to the Maldonado Bay Group. The press and VIP's on four boats burst into spontaneous applause as the cannons were safely lifted from the sea.
In addition to lending a hand to another salvage operation and demonstrating the capabilities of Surveyor, this history-making event allowed us the remarkable opportunity to meet and chat with dignitaries such as the Admiral of the Navy and the top men in the Prefectura (Coast Guard), the President of Patrimony (History), the Director of the State Cultural Authority and Naval Captains of the major ports in Uruguay.
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