Recent Projects
Derelict Fishing Gear Removal Project, Ongoing
Location and removal of lost or abandoned fishing gear and related debris from the waters of the Northwest Straits. We have located and recovered over 1000 crab pots to date. Recently we have expanded this project to the waters of Humboldt and Monterey counties in California and also assisted in training U.S. Navy divers in net removal techniques. For more information see NW Straits Commission.

Reasearch and Development, Ongoing
Design and manufacturing of custom sidescan towfish bodies and winches. Systems have been built for the U.S. Navy, Alaska Fish & Wildlife, law enforcment agencies and NOAA.

Columbia River Survey, 2005
Study performed for EPA/Lockheed Martin in testing different equipment such as resistivity, sidescan, sub-bottom profiling, metal detector and drop cameras to determine which equipment would best detect pools of mercury in the upper Columbia River.

Vigo Spain, 2005
Conducted sidescan survey for historical shipwrecks - located seven vessels.

Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks, September 2003, 2004, 2005
Marine geophysical investigation to identify possible gravel resources near Shishmaref, North Seward Peninsula, and Good News Bay Alaska. The purpose of this project was to locate possible sources of coarse-grained gravel that could be used for base material to establish a new village on the mainland. Bubble pulser and vibrocorer were used to acquire data and samples.

Corridor Survey, Adak Alaska, 2005
Performed corridor survey for moorings for an over-the-horizon radar. Equipment used was sidescan sonar, magnetometor and remote operated vehicle.

Columbia Space Shuttle Recovery Project, February 2003
Following the tragic events of the Columbia disaster, numerous parts and pieces of the shuttle fell into various lakes and reservoirs. Innerspace joined forces with NASA, EPA, US Navy Supervisor of Salvage and FEMA to search for shuttle debris.

English Banks Project
Innerspace personnel worked with underwater archeologists from Oxford University in documenting historical wrecks in Uruguay. Click here for information about this project.

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