The Search for Lee Elliot

A team of Seattle-area volunteers combined efforts to locate a downed Cessna off Bainbridge Island and search for the missing man

On May 27, 2018 Mr. Lee Elliot's aircraft went down near Bainbridge Island Washington.  On June 14 sonar technicians, Crayton Fenn and Bryan Delong of Innerspace Exploration Team located the downed Cessna 150 with sidescan sonar (images below). Innerspace has been assisting local law enforcement agencies with drowning victim recoveries for over 25 years.

On June 20 divers, Alex Adolfi, Bert Brezicha, Andrea Petersen and George Potts, from Global Underwater Explorers (GUE Seattle) dropped down to the aircraft and searched the interior and surrounding area for the missing man. Unfortunately the pilot was not found in the aircraft or anywhere in the near vicinity.


Crab Pot recovery, Anacortes WA

Give us strength... 364 up, 250 left to go.

KOMO was onboard - check out the video!


Baltic sea derelict gear training and conferencE Update

Stralsund & Sassnitz Germany

Innerspace Exploration Team and Fenn Enterprises have just returned from Germany where we provided side scan sonar training dealing specifically with detection of nets in the Baltic. The participants were from World Widlife Fund, Marelitt Baltic and the Global Ghost Gear Initiative from Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Peru, and Hong Kong.  These countries are all in the beginning phases of implementing derelict gear programs and the purpose or our trip was to demonstrate our proven sonar techniques, present on the success of the Derelict Gear program in the Salish Sea, and provide hands-on training to scientists from various disciplines, some of whom already had some side scan experience and their own sonar equipment.  

We spent four days on the water in all kinds of sea states demonstrating proper deployment and survey techniques.  A very important component to our training is post processing where the participants learn how to interpret the data.  We spent about 2.5 hours on post processing each evening.  We also performed ground-truthing with divers to verify targets and also setup a test bed where we set a known target (chain/net) so everyone could experience detection of derelict gear.

For this project Marine Sonic provided a demo ARC Chirp side scan system.  This is an upgraded version of the sonar we used in the Salish Sea. Our training was a huge success.  Discussions afterwards revealed that even more hands-on training will be needed for the teams who will be responsible for performing the sonar work and we will be scheduling a return visit for this purpose.

Baltic sea derelict gear training and conference

Stralsund & Sassnitz Germany

Innerspace Exploration Team and Fenn Enterprises are taking the show on the road!  We will be spending 5 days on the water training our derelict gear sidescan sonar techniques to members of Marelitt Baltic and World Wildlife Fund from Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Peru, and Hong Kong.  


Feb. 2018 Derelict Crab Pot Recovery

Port Gardner and Mukilteo WA

225 pots recovered - see how it's done in the video below.


DERELICT Fishing gEAR Removal project

Location and removal of lost or abandoned fishing gear and related debris from the waters of the Northwest Straits. We have located and recovered over 1000 crab pots to date. Recently we have expanded this project to the waters of Humboldt and Monterey counties in California and also assisted in training U.S. Navy divers in net removal techniques. For more information see the Northwest Straits Foundation Derelict Gear site.